AMSTERDAM, 07 October 2015 - Dashmote signs first official partnership with INGImages, giving its users access to another 4 million carefully edited professional royalty free images. Consumers now save time, money and find more relevant images.

A great start on the road map of Dashmote. Stefan, CFO Dashmote and responsible for partnerships: “INGImages is excited to work with Dashmote because they believe we will disrupt the visual content market by having an unique technology capable of growing the complete market which will benefit both parties”. It works as following: Dashmote is building a smart search with an so-called elastic search, that is connected with the APIs of the image suppliers. This is done through building an API-wrapper around their partners system to be able to call in the images.

Dashmote operates in a market estimated at $4 billion where 500 million images are sold on a yearly basis. Images have a different meaning for different people, this is why Dashmote strides beyond regular keywords and simple visual recognition. Using a mixture of deep learning algorithms and a library of more than 120 million high-quality images, Dashmote is creating a platform which not only recognizes concepts and emotions, but combines them with user information, to generate highly personalized results. The current partnership brings Dashmote closer to it's goal of targeting each stock market segment, starting with the microstock images where INGImages is our first proud partnership. In the upcoming weeks another four partnerships are in the pipeline to be closed.


About Dashmote:

Founded in 2014 with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective by Dennis zs. Tan and Matthaeus Schreder, Dashmote is on a mission to combine the best sources of visual content. By combining together in one platform the best micro, macro, and authentic stock image providers, they are able to deliver a comprehensive search and collaboration tool for the creative world and not only.

About Dennis s.z. Tan:

An entrepreneur since the age of 15, Dennis z.s. Tan has participated in the creation of over 25 companies and is an international public speaker. He is the co-founder of multiple entrepreneurial groups including Dutch Entrepreneurial Communities, Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurs Student Association and involved in various European organizations such as Think Young, the European Confederation of Junior Enterprises and FACE Entrepreneurship.