AMSTERDAM, 12 October 2015 - Dashmote was selected out of more than 700 applications to join the e-commerce accelerator program at Startupbootcamp Amsterdam. Over the upcoming 3-months, we will collaborate with 150+ mentors, partners and investors to build a world class product with the ultimate goal to become an industry leading sustainable company.

A great opportunity, as Dennis (CEO and co-founder), said: “We are joining because of the unique mentor network and we intent to grow the team skills and our business at lightening speed. Startupbootcamp will accelerate our growth as we could have a thriving environment to bring our business & team to the next level.” This pressure cooker and network will allow us to improve the product and give our consumers instant access to all visual content in an even faster speed.

Startupbootcamp started in 2010 and now operates globally with 13 accelerator programs and 10 locations in e.g. Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Istanbul, Singapore, Miami and New York. With 305 startups, €650,817 average raised and 72% funding rate,  the accelerator program will provide us among other things:

  • Extensive mentorship from +150 entrepreneurs, investors and partners

  • €450K+ in partner services

  • Exposure & connections with 200+ Angels & VCs + clients in Europe and beyond

  • Invitation to the SBC global alumni network and alumni growth program

  • Pitching at 22 January in front of over 200 investors

As Patrick de Zeeuw, co-founder of SBC, said: “As long as you are open and willing, together we can shorten your road-map and accelerate your business”. And that is what we at Dashmote are totally ready for to start doing now: bringing our customers a search platform where they have access to all visual content.


About Dashmote:

Founded in 2014 with a rebellious spirit and a lofty objective by Dennis zs. Tan and Matthaeus Schreder, Dashmote is on a mission to combine the best sources of visual content. By combining together in one platform the best micro, macro, and authentic stock image providers, they are able to deliver a comprehensive search and collaboration tool for the creative world and not only.


About Dennis s.z. Tan:

An entrepreneur since the age of 15, Dennis z.s. Tan has participated in the creation of over 25 companies and is an international public speaker. He is the co-founder of multiple entrepreneurial groups including Dutch Entrepreneurial Communities, Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurs Student Association and involved in various European organizations such as Think Young, the European Confederation of Junior Enterprises and FACE Entrepreneurship.